30+ Gorgeous Master Bedroom Remodel Ideas

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Whilst a bedroom is first and foremost a place to sleep each night, it has the potential for being much more and with just a little thought and imagination, remodeling a master bedroom can change it beyond recognition. In recent times, homeowners have seen the benefits of turning this room into more than just a room to sleep; for example, a reading room or just a place to relax. In this part of the world we are a little behind Europe, they have been using the bedroom for much more for a long time; the French and Italians have always seen it as sensual place for example.

To make this work, certain colors like subtle shades of pink, deep reds and pastel peaches are needed. Of course to improve upon this and enhance the atmosphere further you will need the subtle use of mirrors and candles along with some beautiful tropical plants; I am sure you can see the appeal to this already. Candles are also useful but they need mirrors to enhance the reflections or you can add plants which will also provide the same effect.

The problem is getting the lighting just right as you do not want to have really bright lights in a bedroom but softer more relaxed shades that will not strain the eyes but still make it easy to read. Certain colors go well with a bedroom that is also being used as a reading room; shades of ivory for instance or the warmth of antique amber and relaxing slate blue. If your preference is have a room that can be used purely to relax in then remodeling the master bedroom will mean the addition of mirrors combined with extra pillows and landscape paintings; which should help to provide this effect.

Generally a relaxing lounge chair with a floor lamp and table will also work well if you want to use it as a reading room as well. This feeling of sanctuary which you are hoping to achieve when you remodel your master bedroom can be helped by having family photos spread around the room, but in period frames which help provide that sense of history. In a room like this colors that create the best effect are the darker blues, darker browns and the type of green that you see naturally in woodland as these colors produce a warm womb like feeling that is also good for a restful nights sleep.