20+ Adorable Bohemian Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Minimalist bedrooms are quite difficult to put together, not because the furnishings and home wares required are hard to source, but simply because when furnishing a room people have a knack for buying too many things and cluttering what could potentially be a good look.

As the name suggests, the furnishings and accessories required to create a minimalist feel need to be minimal: less is indeed more.

A common rule of thumb is to keep everything as simple as possible, so if you think about everything as a box within a box… You’ll find it difficult to over-complicate the look. You can buy simple box wardrobes, box bed bases and more, retaining the sleek lines and uncomplicated surfaces.

Some people do struggle with this however as they prefer the design of their furniture to reflect their tastes. What they fail to see is that with a minimalist interior, the few signature pieces you use within the room, automatically become the room’s focal points. So if you like the minimalist look, but want to add a dash of bohemian flair, you could build a minimalist room in one colour and then pick contrasting bohemian pieces, perhaps a damask bed spread or a rustic, luxurious chair to go at your desk. The devil is in the detail, because where the detail is added, the minimalism around it instantly draws added attention.