30+ Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas To Cooking In Summer

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If you are thinking about selling your home or just want to make some improvements a summer kitchen is a great way to do both. Adding a summer kitchen is not difficult and the expense can not only increase property value but increase your enjoyment of your backyard.

While creating your layout you need to be sure you design the summer kitchen to fit the space. You can establish a budget using 2% of the value of the home as your guideline. If the house cost $300,000 then you can spend up to 6000 for the summer kitchen and add quick value as well as a usable space for grilling. Even if the price is not increased significantly you are separating yourself from the comparable properties.

After you have established your budget you should then decide how much space you are willing to commit to the project. This will tell you the size of the grill and the components that you can look at. The grill should and will be the center piece of any good summer kitchen. You want to pick a grill that fits your family. If you usually cook for 1-4 people a grill with 300-500 square inches of direct cooking surface is usually adequate. If you typically cook for 5 or more you will need 500 square inches or more of direct cooking surface. This allows the griller to cook for anywhere from 1-8 people. Make sure that the grill is a grill that you can count on for the future. After you choose your grill the next most important thing is space to set plates and prepare. Prep space is very important and should not be overlooked. You should save at least 24″ space on the cabinet surface for preparing and setting tools and plates. If you have the space then a sink or a side cooker would be a welcomed addition to any summer kitchen. Other components that you should consider if budget and space allow are access doors, warming drawers, ice makers and refrigeration.

With the right choices your summer kitchen can not only add value to your home but provide you with a usable outdoor space if you decide to not part with your new found jewel.