30+ Gorgeous Chinese Living Room Design Ideas

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Who would have thought that the space in your house that is used most of the time can either be a magnet for good luck and prosperity or a giant cage that jails and houses bad luck and ill health? We are not here to make you regret that purchasing decision or even tell you that your brand new leather couch is a great money waster.

What we like to do is to share with your some ideas on how to use Feng Shui to improve your life. Feng shui, or the wind and the water is the Chinese belief that colours and arrangement will help anyone to increase the amounts of good energy in the household. Since we are caught most often in our living rooms, here is an easy DIY guide to achieve that perfect feng shui living room.

It always has to do with arrangement. Now I want you to imagine ‘Chi’ or good energy as constantly circulating through the air in the world. It is your job to create a sort of a magnet by correctly arranging your furniture in a way that this good energy will find it too irresistible not to pay your house a visit.

Evaluate how your chairs, tables, couches, sofas and even your TV are placed. Avoid clutter and haphazard arrangement because that is like creating an impossible labyrinth for Chi to circumnavigate. Seats should also be moved or in some way arranged so that people sitting them have either a full or partial view of the doorway/entrance.