20+ Pretty Lighting Decor Ideas On The Walls Of Your Room

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No matter the décor, recessed wall lights can brighten up a space with a subtle and elegant look. There are many placings for this type of lighting that will awe and inspire both the homeowners and their family and friends. It can also instantly add value to a home. Explore what can be done with this new type of lighting and be excited!

Gently light the way up and down a stairway for safety and beauty. Typically, recessed wall lights are placed every few steps just a few inches above the step itself. They come in a variety of styles and shapes so the homeowner can have fun choosing.

Hallways are inconspicuously illuminated with carefully placed recessed wall lighting. Sometimes, viewers believe these are tiny skylights especially if they are placed higher on the walls, and the bulb used is similar to UV light.

Hall recessed wall lighting can even go from the floor to the ceiling! This is a very dramatic effect that many love to incorporate. Bright and welcoming homes are much more valuable than others and this style certainly lends itself to that.