20+ Wonderful Laundry Room Decorating Ideas For Small Space

1 min read

Most of us who have a laundry room spend lots of time in it without actually realizing it. While everybody is talking about kitchen decorating ideas, why nobody is actually touching on laundry decorating given the time we are in this room per day? While we use this room a lot to do our washing, drying and even hanging up our clothes, weignore it completely when it comes to make it more homey and welcome, as well as pretty.

All you need is take a couple of hours throughout a few days and you can really improve upon the appearance of this neglected room. You can easily change its style and make it an interesting place to be in. Because let’s face it, most laundry rooms really look boring, dull and very utilitarian. Many times just by adding a touch of color here and there can greatly improve upon the appearance of the place.

Most probably the room is relatively small compared to other rooms. So we need to make it look and feel larger than it is. This is why painting the walls in white or other light color, such as light yellow or other pastel should work nicely. Avoid painting it in dark colors because you will make it feel like a cellar when the light is off.

Also most probably you are the one that usually goes in there. So you can have fun with this room, make it to whatever you want it to be. There will be no guests here, no one to complain that it’s too funky, or childish or crazy, or anything else at all. It’s your space. Add some funky stencils designs, or paint a mural on the walls. Take out your old paints and get creative. Or put in funny posters and art prints. You can have this room look like anything else but a laundry room. Paint the walls in a beach style, or imagine you’re in the fields and you need to add some flowers and grass. Whatever you do, stop thinking of this space as a boring laundry room where you have to go to do those ‘women chores’, and start thinking of it as a fun place where you’re on your own, without disturbance, where you can be creative and be yourself. Use it to your advantage.