20+ Cool Storage Solutions For Small Apartment

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Is your small apartment cluttered with boxes or piles of things that you just don’t have room to store? Here are some quick and easy tips to get more storage without paying a lot of money.

Yup, de-cluttering is a way to maximize your storage. By getting rid of the things that you no longer need or use you can actually clear up a lot of space. Do you have a stair machine that has become a glorified coat hanger? Get rid of it. Do you have stacks of clothes that you no longer can wear? Get rid of them.

Almost anything that you have can be replaced if you decide that you need it. So don’t let these items eat up your limited space. De-clutter with a vengeance. If you find a box of things that you haven’t used in a year or more. why not get rid of it.

Many times kitchens in smaller apartments have a real shortage of space. So you need to maximize what you do have. Inexpensive sliders in base cabinets will make sure that you can use all of the space in the cabinet. Hooks to hang coffee cups or sliders to hand glasses are an inexpensive way to get more storage.