The Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Summer Time 38
The Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Summer Time 38

20+ The Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Summer Time

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Mid summer swimming pool care involves working around vacations, hot weather, heavy pool use and the busyness of life. Unfortunately, many people look at their pool and say, “hey, the water looks great!” Then they wonder why in just a couple of days, they’re dealing with cloudy water, algae and other pool water care issues.

Whether the pool is residential or commercial, water care must be consistent. If care is not consistent, the pool can quickly go from sparkling blue to dull and cloudy or worse sometimes within hours. What are the contributing factors to cause these changes? There are many. Here are the most common.

Heavy bather loads cause the pool’s sanitizer to be exhausted more quickly. If the pool owner is a expecting a party or large additional number of swimmers, it would be a great idea to shock or super chlorinate the pool about 6 hours PRIOR to the party. The slightly higher level of sanitizer (in this case chlorine) will get used up over the course of the party. After the party, consider shocking again to remove the swimmer waste (sweat, urine, body lotions, etc) left by the party-goers. A maintenance dose of algaecide will also help.

Lack of swimmers. Yes, lack of swimmers. When a swimming pool is not used, you eliminate a great way of “natural” brushing and wiping of the pool’s surfaces and the better circulation the swimmers bring to the pool. “Dead spots” of poor water circulation are made alive. Even just one swimmer per day splashing around for 30 minutes can make the difference between sparkling water and cloudy water.

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