Unusual Flower Garden Ideas For Your Home 14
Unusual Flower Garden Ideas For Your Home 14

30+ Unusual Flower Garden Ideas For Your Home

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The perennial garden is one way to beat the necessity to redo the garden each year and does tend to decrease the labor that is involved in gardening since perennial gardens for the most part, with the right care, will proliferate themselves. Perennial gardening ideas are as plentiful as the gardeners who grow them.

Some perennial flower garden ideas tend to stand out more than others. One which we find personally very appealing is the injection of herbs as the flowering plant since they tend to proliferate well, so offer something aside from beauty and to grow in many cases in the least favorable conditions.

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There are multiple types of herbs you might use in your perennial flower garden. Ideas might include Cone Flowers (Echinacea), and several other flowering herbs such as Bee Balm, which is also known as monarda, and bergamot, the flavoring that is used in Earl Grey tea.

Bee balm comes in many different colors, and can range from a deep burgundy red, which is an attractive choice and will also gather hummingbirds and butterflies.

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