Beautiful Summer Container Garden Flower Ideas 46
Beautiful Summer Container Garden Flower Ideas 46

20+ Beautiful Summer Container Garden Flower Ideas

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Seasonal flowering plants can be brought out when they are at their utmost beauty and then removed to be replaced with other plants. Imagine how attractive you can make your patio with a selection of spring bulbs and azaleas followed by summer annuals such as salvia and marigolds. In the fall you can replace them with poinsettias and mums. This is just a sample of what can be done with container gardening.

Evergreens are another good choice for container gardening. Evergreens are plants that retain their leaves all year round. This differs with deciduous plants, which lose their foliage for part of the year, becoming bare and leafless. Once they have established themselves, most evergreen shrubs need little pruning.

Keep in mind, that pruning will improve the health of the evergreen. So, in some cases you will want to prune to improve the overall look and health of your plants. After pruning, plants will benefit from feeding with a general purpose fertilizer. A number of evergreens tolerate severe pruning, which is best done as they come into active growth in the spring.

The Photinia Red Robin is a popular evergreen shrub with radiant red, glossy foliage and clusters of small, white flowers. It blooms in mid to late spring, and is sometimes followed by luscious red fruit. It is especially colorful and can also be used to wall shrub.

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