20+ Perfect Fall Outdoor Decoration For Your Inspiration

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The end of winter is near; and as we look forward to the coming of spring and summer, many of us would like to spruce up our homes, indoor or outdoor. Adding accents and decorations to our backyard and patio is an enjoyable task as we prepare for the forthcoming fun in the sun. There are several ways to decorate your backyard, your lawn or your garden. Aside from the flowering plants and shrubs, you can add lawn figures, bird baths, outdoor furniture like a bench or swing, or water features like water fountains.

Decorating with water features is dependent on the type, style and size you want. You have a choice of water falls, water walls, ponds or water fountains. In this article, we focus on the water fountain.

Adding a water fountain to your home or garden brings a sense of tranquility and comfort that improves ones mood and increases energy. If used indoor, not only will it enhance the beauty of the room, but it also adds moisture in the air which soothes dry skin during the cold, winter months. Incorporating a water fountain into your garden provides a unique accent which can also be used as a focal point on your outdoor decorating. Fountains also keep water in constant motion, preventing your garden from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes which allows you to find the perfect match for your garden, patio or your living room. They can be designed to be mounted on a wall or sit on a tabletop, freestanding floor fountains, or installed directly above or in the ground. For added versatility, get an indoor fountain that can also be used outdoors. If you are a handyman, you can make your own outdoor fountain; if not, there are always a lot of choices to choose from.

Fountains are constructed from different forms of synthetic and natural materials. Stone, rocks and slate are heavy, tough, difficult to move, highly durable and can withstand the constant flow of water and exposure to different weather elements and mother nature. Metals like copper or brass age and develop new patina over time. Thinner metals like tin or aluminum can be less pricey but gets dented and damaged easily. Ceramics can be durable, lasts long and come in a variety of colors and price range. The most economical option is the synthetics, like resin or acrylic. These are lightweight and easy to move around, durable, and also lasts long. Natural materials like stone or metal can be simulated using synthetics and still this does not age. Another option is stainless steel which is very resistant to corrosion, clean-up is easy, and could last for a long time. Asian-themed gardens often used bamboo materials. This can be used indoor or outdoor. Choosing wood fountain made of pine, oak, cedar maple, etc. is another alternative. A barrel or an old-fashioned wagon wheel fountain are examples of this kind. Using this material would require good waterproofing and a liner. Fiberglass or glass types are also available if you so desire. With all these types available in the market today, choose the one that will fit your needs; and when it is installed, sit back, relax and enjoy the calming effect of the soothing sounds of running water from an outdoor water fountain.