Cute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas For More Fun 32
Cute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas For More Fun 32

20+ Cute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas For More Fun

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Are you making a pumpkin lantern or other pumpkin decorations this Halloween? If so, here are seven tips to make this year’s Halloween pumpkin your best ever!

It’s important to decide what type of design you’re going to use in advance. The design will determine the size, shape and colour of the pumpkin you select. Also consider if your pumpkin decoration will be a standalone centerpiece, or if you will have several pumpkins sitting together. If you just want the one, it will need to be large enough to make an impact and look good from all angles. If you’re planning a display with several pumpkins, select pumpkins which will look good together, perhaps in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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To ensure your Halloween pumpkin lasts as long as possible, buy one that is ripe and in excellent condition. Check for bruises, soft spots, mould, mildew etc, and remember that the flesh should be firm, and the stem should not look dried out. Pumpkins with smooth surfaces are easier to work with (although irregularities can add interesting aspects to your design too), and you might prefer to select one that is uniform in colour. After buying, be careful not to drop your pumpkin, and don’t carry it around by the stem.

It’s important to choose the right pumpkin for your planned design. Larger pumpkins are best for more complex designs, and smaller ones for simpler designs. A round pumpkin might work better with a scary face, whereas a tall pumpkin is preferable for an elongated design like a sitting cat or a ghost. If you’re using a pre-made template, medium-sized pumpkins are usually best, unless otherwise specified.

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