Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom 32
Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom 32

30+ Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

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The Halloween season has arrived and you definitely don’t want to be caught unprepared! The Halloween season is truly the season for amazing parties, far out costumes and a whole lot of fun. But sometimes the price tag puts serious limitations on the amount of fun that you can get from a Halloween celebration. With the prices of commodities going up at alarming rates, it’s very hard to shell out your hard-earned cash on luxuries like Halloween decorations. Does that mean that you should have a drab and uninteresting Halloween because of cash constraints?

Not so! You should never let a tight budget get in the way of a good time. If you really want an amazing look for your pad this Halloween here are a few homemade solutions that would make even MacGuyver proud:

You want to evoke the gruesome ends that meet the characters of several horror flicks. Just by looking at several of these characters you can see how grisly their fate was and the mortal terror that they felt as they gave up the ghost. How can you use this fact to make absolutely amazing decorations? Just print out the images of scenes that have movie characters dying. Use Adobe Photoshop to isolate the heads from the bodies and proceed to enlarge and edit these heads. Print them out and glue them to barbecue sticks, and voila! You have a host of tormented souls to line the walls of your house or cubicle.

Play witch this Halloween with this absolutely cool and disgusting brew. Mix cornstarch with water until the solution thicken, and then add red food coloring for that bloody effect. And then when you’ve finished take a few pingpong balls and paint them to look like real eyelids. Pop them into your stew and you have a dish that will cause a lot of stomachs to turn and people to scream!

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