Best Halloween Decoration Ideas That Are So Scary 40
Best Halloween Decoration Ideas That Are So Scary 40

20+ Best Halloween Decoration Ideas That Are So Scary

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Looking for some good Halloween decorating ideas to enhance this year’s party? To have a truly ghoulish Halloween party you need so put up some Halloween decorations to help set the mood. People of all ages love getting into the Halloween spirit and these decorations help bring out that spirit in the old and young.

The best place to start when putting out Halloween decorations is with your front yard. This display will be enjoyed by everyone in the neighborhood leading up to all Hallows Eve as well as trick-or-treaters on Halloween and your party attendees. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the outside of your house.

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Create tombstones out of wood or Styrofoam. Do this by taking the wood or Styrofoam and painting it gray and writing some names on it as well. You can even include the names of the guests that RSVP’ed to your party and include a whimsical rhyme such as, “Here lies Ted, because a piano fell on his head.”

Stuff some old clothes lying around the house with hay, if you don’t have any hay newspaper or even leaves work just as well, so it looks as if someone is wearing them. Attach the clothes to a broomstick or rake that is planted into the ground. Find something round for the head, a pumpkin works well for this, and place a straw hat on top. You could even make this a little scarier by putting fake blood on the scarecrow’s clothes or maybe a fake knife in the stomach.

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