Trendy Living Room Wall Gallery Design Ideas 46
Trendy Living Room Wall Gallery Design Ideas 46

20+ Trendy Living Room Wall Gallery Design Ideas

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Okay, so you have the daunting task of decorating an empty large wall space. There is no need to be perplexed because there are so many unique decorating ideas you can use for your wall without just putting up a stereotypical print.

Metal art, often found in Tuscan and European homes is now very popular. Why not try a round metal art medallion to create some interest in your living room space. Add some tall tropical plants on either side or use hanging planters with ferns.

Large tapestries and quilts can be hung with wooden or metal drapery rods. You can also hang wall sconces on either side of the tapestry to anchor the space. Add fresh flowers or candles to complete the look.

A large architecturally interesting mirror can really add some style and character to your room. A couple of accent shelves on either side with coordinating vases or candlesticks can create interest.

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