Awesome Moroccan Dining Room Design You Should Try 47
Awesome Moroccan Dining Room Design You Should Try 47

20+ Awesome Moroccan Dining Room Design You Should Try

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There are various styles options available to do the indoors of a house. But if you want exquisite look, then you must consider Moroccan Furniture that consists of bedside tables, pouffes, large wall mirrors, bone mirrors and Moroccan lamps. Let’s look at each of these in detail below:

These come with traditional carvings and rich colors. They have typical motifs and designs engraved on them. A lot of hard work goes to make each bedside table. Nothing is factory made. Every table is done by a seasoned artisan who has learned his trade from his ancestors. You can tell when you see a bedside table is machine or handmade. Because of the amount of manual labour that goes into making each piece, it takes a while to complete a custom order.

These are low height cushion seating that can be placed around the house. They come with mirror work, embroidery and village patterns. A lot of matching and contrasting color is used in the fabric which is made by experts. They are portable and comfortable. They are good replacements for plastic or silicon based chairs that are used as an extra sitting arrangement when there are more guests. Pouffes can be used in the patio as well.

These provide a sense of grandeur to the ambience. They stretch across the height and width of a wall and have decorative frames which could be made from wrought iron, wood, steel, etc., They can be placed in the living room, dining room and the reception areas. They make the space look double the size since they reflect back. The frames come with colors such as gold, silver, copper, dark brown, light brown and burgundy. Various indoor plants can be placed around the areas where these mirrors are used as they give a earthy look to the overall place. Large wall mirrors is placed opposite to a natural source of light, keep the room well lighted.

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