30+ Inspiring Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas For Winter

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Most people only think about fireplace mantel decor during the winter holidays, when they’re likely to pull out all the stops to make it gorgeous. But why decorate your mantel for one month of the year and leave it bland the rest of the time? Your fireplace is a focal point of the living room, and the mantel should be decorated accordingly.

In addition to the fireplace mantel itself, the largest decor elements will be the fireplace screen and tool set. Those two elements should complement the mantel as well as the overall look of the room. Once you have those in place, you can begin to choose the decor items to hang above the mantel or set inside the fireplace.

Possible choices include fireplace candelabras to place inside the fireplace instead of logs and andirons. Most people hang a painting or mirror over the mantel. Some people hang plasma TVs in that space, but you have to be careful about the wall temperature. If your wall gets too hot, you could destroy the TV.

The fireplace mantel shelf is designed to hold smaller decor items. Candles in colors that complement the design scheme are an excellent choice. When choosing candlesticks, look for styles that also complement the room. Ornate gold candlesticks will look out of place in a modern glass and steel living room, but could be an attractive accent if set off with a few other small gold items in the room.