20+ Unique DIY Mudroom Bench Ideas For Inspiration

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Coming and going. It’s a constant in all our lives. But how do we make our daily transitions less stressful, more organized, and even pleasant?

Do you have school-age children? Then you may need a place for books and backpacks, outer wear and shoes, and possibly after-school sports items. Having a central drop off point will go a long way toward reducing those hectic, out-of-control mornings that are inevitable when organizing systems are lacking.

Whether you work from home or commute to an office you probably need a central location to drop your keys, collect your mail, and hold items that need to be returned to friends or retail stores.

Having a calendar handy for tracking each person’s activities is great in the entryway. When everyone’s appointments are posted in one place it’s easy to see where potential overlaps in scheduling can occur. Consider a bulletin board for store coupons, to do lists, and reminders. Give the kids a chalk or dry erase board so they can have some fun writing notes and reminders of their own.