Best Ideas For Apartment Christmas Decoration 47
Best Ideas For Apartment Christmas Decoration 47

30+ Best Ideas For Apartment Christmas Decoration

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It was that year nobody wanted to talk about… The secret we shared as a family. The year our story changed. The year we moved from the ranch to the city, and there I was, trying to maneuver my way around a 9 to 5 with four kids, surviving on a single para-legal paycheck, when I really would rather be at the ranch, indulging my dual income family.

The apartment wasn’t as small as you might think, but it was less than a quarter the size of our sprawling ranch style home. As far as the kids were concerned life was over, so why bother to celebrate Christmas. Much less did they want to hear about Christmas, giving to others, and being a blessing.

However, I was determined. I was determined to help my children write a new story.

When the boss replaced the Christmas tree at the office and gave me a hand-me-down tree, I grabbed the chance to change the mood at home. It meant buying new ornaments on the way home from work, and lugging all of it up the three floors to our top floor apartment, but the cathedral ceilings were more than plenty to house the new 9 foot tall tree. My only concern was the possible diameter of the tree.

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