30+ Favorite Bonsai Tree Ideas For Your Garden

1 min read

Many people who enjoy caring for bonsai are looking to make a bonsai tree garden, where they can display their hobby to friends and acquaintances. If you are not sure how to make it appear more “Japanese” style, you could simply place nearby a pot with a large maple or bamboo. This will definitely give a “bonsai” look to your garden.

You could make your bonsai tree garden even more attractive by adding an artificial pond or stream with stepping stones, decorative lanterns and shrubs. Zen garden is also a nice idea with its large stones and beautiful gravel along with a quite place to sit down and enjoy this bonsai atmosphere.

Although bonsai trees may appear too delicate and fragile, it is actually not so difficult to take care of them, as they require a minimal protection from the climate changes in different seasons. When choosing a place for your bonsai tree garden, opt for a lighted area with no or minimum of direct sunlight to keep them from wilting. A good idea is to set up a sun protector over your bonsai garden during the summer time and in late spring. Some of these protectors look like beautiful dark mesh, which will add even more “Asian appearance” to your garden.

Make sure the place is also protected from wind. During the winter, a bonsai tree garden can survive outside if a required protection is provided. You can help your trees to survive if the temperature outside falls below freezing point by covering them with bags or cloths. If the climate in your region is freezing all along the winter, it will be better to bring them indoor for the winter season.