20+ Funny Snowman Craft Ideas For Your Holiday Activity

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There are so many wonderful possibilities out there for excellent winter art projects and crafts. There are basic winter art projects and crafts like cutting out snowflakes or drawing Santa Claus, but there are also many other fun and interesting ones, as well. You can use your own ingenuity to get yourself started. You can even pose the idea of interesting winter art projects and crafts to your students or children – you may be surprised at what creative ideas a child can think of.

Here are some fun ideas for some great crafts, organized by the supplies that you may want to use.

Cotton is a very useful tool when it comes to winter art projects. If cotton balls were just a bit colder, they would seem exactly like mini snowballs! A child can draw a wonderful winter scene and then take cotton balls and rip them and fluff them and glue them down in places where snow should be. Or, maybe a child may want to draw two people having a snowball fight – the cotton balls are already in great snowball shapes as is.

What is winter without marshmallows? Marshmallows are added treats in hot chocolate, but they are also great to use for winter crafts. A child can take three giant marshmallows and stack them on top of each other to make a mini and tasty snowman. Toothpicks can be used to hold the marshmallows together and also as arms. Mini marshmallows can make fun snowballs when attached to winter collages.