Affordable Christmas Decoration Trends You Will Love 48
Affordable Christmas Decoration Trends You Will Love 48

30+ Affordable Christmas Decoration Trends You Will Love

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and decorating for Christmas is just around the corner. The question is what will be the Christmas decorating trends for the 2010 season?

We are all sick of the economy and thinking about the mortgage crisis. This year, the trend is for Christmas decorations to be full of glorious splendor. Look for decorations in rich bronze tones, rich wine hues, shinning ruby tones, brilliant turquoise shades, as well as traditional gold and silver. These colors will appear in ornaments, garlands, and tableware. Combine glittering finishes with shimmering pearls for the most impact.

This year, holiday decorating steps away from using only the expected red and green. Think of decorations using the popular color combinations from 2010 such as blue and brown, pink and brown, silver and turquoise, and animal prints with classic black. Use these as accents in your garlands, wreaths, and ornaments for the tree. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular Christmas decorating trends for 2010.

A classic light display is common at Christmas, but this year takes it a step further with energy saving LED lights. These are brilliant in outdoor displays and require fewer strings to light a tree. A Christmas tree lit from within the branches is a brilliant sight, add that with one of the ornament trends, and your tree will be in on the hottest styles.

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