30+ Wonderful Black And Gold New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

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Traditionally, New Years Eve parties were focused on couples only. Fortunately, not anymore! It is also not as exclusively formal as in previous decades. It is much more common to include the whole family and singles in the celebration as well. Alcohol, no alcohol, anything and everything goes these days.

Decorate with black, silver, and gold. Go all out with feather boas and top hats. Don’t forget the noisemakers and party poppers to bring in the New Year.

Resolutions Roast. Give each guest a turn roast their resolution for 2006. It is usually related to some sort of weight loss or self-improvement idea. For example, say “goodbye (name) and hello to a lighter, tighter me!”
Costume or masquerade party. Don a mask and be a lady or gent of mystery!

New Years around the world. Have guests bring dishes that reflect their ethnicities and countries of origin.
Murder mystery party. Purchase murder mystery scripts or use a local murder mystery company to host the event.
Create a time capsule to be opened in five years. Include some of 2005 items and a questionnaire about what they think it will be in 2010. Make a video of the party to include in her time capsule.