30+ Stylish New Years Eve Table Decoration Ideas For NYE Party

1 min read

Looking for a fun idea to had some activity to a New Years Eve Party? It is fun, and gets everyone interacting and laughing while waiting to ring in the New Year.

The guest list is completed, the buffet is planned, the decorations are in place and the only thing left to do is to figure an activity while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Yes, folks will be mingling and chatting and there will be music playing in the background but still the party needs a little more activity to bring the guests to life.

How about having a New Years Eve roundabout bubbly gift exchange. Here is how it goes. Each guest is asked to bring a wrapped bottle of their favorite wine or sparkling beverage to the party and the bottles are placed on a table for all to see. Numbers are tossed into a New Years Party hat and the hat is passed to each participant to draw a number. You may also want to place a maximum dollar amount of the purchase so that the bottles are all worth roughly the same amount.

The guest with Number 1 gets to pick from all the bottles on the table. After making their choice they open the package so all can see what kind of bubbly or wine. Then guest Number 2 gets either to choose a bottle from the table or they can choose the bottle from Guest #1. If Guest #1 bottle is chosen and thus taken away from them they go back to the table and choose another bottle. Then it is on to Guest #3 and he can choose from the table or what bottle Guest #1 or #2 has. After the bottle has been passed two times it is dead and can no longer be chosen. When all the guests have participated Guest #1 (and only Guest #1) gets to choose from all the bottles that are still alive (meaning those bottles that have not been exchanged for than twice).