Affordable Valentine’s Day Shabby Chic Decorations On A Budget 33
Affordable Valentine’s Day Shabby Chic Decorations On A Budget 33

20+ Affordable Valentine’s Day Shabby Chic Decorations On A Budget

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She walked cautiously on the slippery road lest she should fall. It rained heavily in the morning and still the sky was overcast with clouds. The weather forecast predicted to have more rain in the next 24 hours. It was half past seven in the evening and Angelina can feel a tinge of cold in the air. She pulled up her stole and took careful steps to avoid any mishap. She could hear cheerful music coming out of the cafes and other restaurants on the Mall. Sometimes the lively laughter of some young couples could also be heard at a distance. Most of the people were out for an evening walk, enjoying the lovely weather and the preparation for Valentines, which was due in a couple of days.

Angelina looked at the red heart shaped balloons and chocolates packs that were specially designed for valentines. She could never think of buying them, but can only long to have them, which she has been doing for the last so many years. Some wishes always remain wishes, they are never turned into a reality and it seemed true in Angelina’s case.

Born in a poor family she always found life more challenging than the other children of her age. While completing her high school she felt this difference a lot, but she never made it a complex. She was very good at studies and always passed with flying colours. Her teachers were proud of her. It was this confidence that she chose medical as her profession and proceded her studies with the scholarship she achieved for her talents. But studies was not the only problem. Her father passed away when she completed her high school and she had to look after her handicapped mother, who couldn’t walk. Besides her studies she joined a part time job in a grocery shop, where she had to check the accounts. Mrs Danis, the shop owner was a furious lady, who would flare up at petty things. Angelina would always become a victim of her fury, but she tolerated it as there was no other option.

The Mall was over crowded that day and she had to increase her pace as she was already late for her job. She thought of Mrs Danis, her grumpy face and sarcastic smile blurred her vision. She could hear her yelling,” what the heck! what took you so long?” The sudden beep of a passing by car brought her back to reality and she moved aside still keeping her pace steady.

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