20+ Lovely Valentines Day Home Decor To Win Over The Hearts

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There are so many options for creating Valentine decorations from a wide variety of materials. However, sometimes all that’s on hand are some pieces of construction paper and plain white sheets of paper. That’s all you need, though, to create some beautiful paper craft Valentines day decorations. Here are three project ideas for Valentines Day decorations:

Gather sheets of colored construction paper; it doesn’t have to be just red or pink. Use as many colors as you’d like. Fold the sheets of paper into quarters, and cut them up. Fold each quarter piece in half; draw a half of a heart on to each so the center of the heart is the fold.

Cut each heart out, and hang or tape them throughout your home similar to how paper snowflakes would be hung. The variety of colors adds a different twist to this traditional paper craft. When hanging them up, consider doing so in layers or by slightly overlapping the hearts.

Follow the same instructions above, and set the hearts aside. Take sheets of plain white paper and cut them into snowflakes using all different patterns (use your imagination). Place the hearts over the snowflakes, and trace around the edges.