Beautiful And Romantic Valentine’s Day Bedroom Design Ideas 40
Beautiful And Romantic Valentine’s Day Bedroom Design Ideas 40

20+ Beautiful And Romantic Valentine’s Day Bedroom Design Ideas

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Before you begin creating your romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom ambiance, you need a really quick review. Do you remember what your five senses are? Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Okay, now that let’s talk about how you can use these five senses to put an exclamation point ending on your romantic Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start with your sense of smell since this is usually the first thing we are aware of when we enter a room (or even prior to entering a room). It is really easy to create a romantic aroma in your bedroom because there are an endless array of aromatherapy candles and incense. So pick your favorite scented candle(s) and light it up! We are, after all, still mammals and our sense of smell triggers all sorts of chemical reactions in the brain that arouse our sensuality.

As we enjoy a romantic aroma in our bedroom, we (almost) simultaneously take in the sights of our surroundings. When you are creating a romantic setting, romantic lighting is an absolute must! My preference is to keep all electrical lights off and use only candles. But you might prefer the effervescent glow of a salt crystal lamp or the dimness of light provided by putting a pink shade or scarf over your lampshade.

Besides needing the appropriate lighting in your bedroom, you must remove all the clutter. You shouldn’t be doing work in your bedroom to begin with – (it is a bedroom – not a work room). So out with the clutter and in with the romantic lighting.

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