Pretty DIY Fairy Light Ideas For Minimalist Bedroom Decoration 51
Pretty DIY Fairy Light Ideas For Minimalist Bedroom Decoration 51

30+ Pretty DIY Fairy Light Ideas For Minimalist Bedroom Decoration

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Back in the day, party planners who wanted some illumination in the venue would build their decorations based on the limitations of their battery lights. If needed, they would resort to changing the whole scene just to make sure their lighting fixtures blend well with the overall theme of an event. It’s a good thing that those days are over.

Battery-powered lights have been the choice of designers, planners and DIY homeowners because these lights provide them with the most flexibility. These lights can be set virtually anywhere due to the fact that they don’t require an electricity source. Since these miniature lights don’t have power cables as compared to traditional lighting fixtures, the risk of having a fire can be lessened. Recent technological advancements have made these battery operated lights so much better than their predecessors.

Instead of having the traditional small bulbs, battery operated fairy lights now come with LED lights. This type of light has a distinct glow that is crisper than the old incandescent light sources. The reason is that the color of LED lights comes from within whereas the bulb coating sets the color of most incandescent lights. It is no surprise to see indoor fairy lights that have LED lights, instead of the old bulbs. After all, LED lights are far more superior than traditional lighting source. Its advantages include lower energy consumption, more compact size, faster switching on display patterns and greater durability. Perhaps the only downside to LED lights is that they are relatively more expensive than traditional bulbs.

Recent developments have also paved the way for fairy lights to have a more controlled temperature. This makes it possible to install these lights as part of the d├ęcor. You can wrap it in wreaths, put it around twigs or even use them in garlands without the risk of overheating. As LED fairy lights have smaller sizes, they can be fitted to any decoration as an added light reflection or an afterglow.

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