Outstanding Spring Home Decor Ideas That Looks Modern 40
Outstanding Spring Home Decor Ideas That Looks Modern 40

20+ Outstanding Spring Home Decor Ideas That Looks Modern

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Decorating your home for the spring? What do you think of when you think of spring? Lighter, brighter, fresher, and newer. I know what I think of. I think of planting fresh flowers, re-arranging my furniture for a new look and adding new accent pillows. These are all simple and inexpensive ways to decorate and give your home a spring tonic. But, what if you want more or what if you’re ready to design or redesign your home décor? Well here is what’s new in the home furnishings industry for Spring 2011.

Let’s start with color. Color is exciting this spring. Think of walking through a farmer’s market or a foreign marketplace. These colors are a reflection of what you would expect to see in fabrics. Popular spring colors will be lemon yellow, golden yellows, mandarin orange, blushing pinks, light golden browns, dark purples, aqua blues, smoky grays and shades of green. Patterns include ribbon candy stripes, large florals, trellis fabrics, China Seas and tracery patterns.

Home decoration styles will take on a more global influence, particularly Parisian, African and Asian. Along with that is the big look of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The look is artisan, rustic and ethnic. Some decorating styles you will be reading about are Refined Rustic, Art Deco, Modern Mid-Century, Classic Revival, 70’s Modern Retro as well as a blend of vintage and classic. We will see much more green design options as the home furnishings industry pushes forward to bring homeowners healthier living alternatives like zero VOC paints, wood flooring and furniture from sustainable forests, soy foam stuffing for upholstery and non-toxic natural fabrics. As homeowners become more energy conscious, energy efficiency will be a main focus for homes and businesses.

Just as Vintage and Modern, Traditional and Contemporary designs set the stage for new and unique home décor accents, prepare to see lots of textures, artisan touches, pleats, tweeds and puckers. Woods and metals will also bring in texture through etching, stenciling and stamping. Traditional items will have unexpected colors. Area rugs will have more geometric patterns. All this in 2011 spring home decorating.

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