Creative Floating Corner Shelves For Living Room Organization Ideas 22
Creative Floating Corner Shelves For Living Room Organization Ideas 22

20+ Creative Floating Corner Shelves For Living Room Organization Ideas

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Are you interested in learning more about floating Corner Shelves? If so, in this article we’re going to go over what they are; importance of proper installation of it, and its benefits. That means that after you finished reading this article you will learn over why they are called floating shelves, some installation tips and how they can make your corner an example to others.

Shelves that are mounted on walls with no visible support are called floating shelves because they look like floating in the wall. Actually they are fixed at walls attached by bolts as sturdily as possible, but those bolt support cannot be seen from outside. A century ago it was difficult to install a floating shelf. Building wall at that time was not that strong and robust, unable to support much suspended weight. Moreover, material used to build shelves those days was mainly wood that are durable and heavy. Today, with innovation of lighter materials and sturdy wall make it possible to beautify your rooms with this particular element.

Most important issue of a floating corner shelf to be taken in to consideration is its installation. Proper installation ensures usefulness and aesthetic beauty, giving a clean line on the wall. There is an issue or two to be noted before installing a corner floating shelf. Firstly, spot the place you want to use for your floating shelf and take measurement of the shelf on to the wall for a proper installation. You should also consider the weight of the shelf to figure out how studier it would be after installation. A wall mounted floating shelf carry much less weight than a free standing shelf, You should choose display items on your floating shelf very carefully considering the weight it would conveniently support. Properly installed floating shelf can certainly hold most art objects or pictures.

While floating shelves saves your floor space, floating corner shelves saves your floor spaces as well as turns your otherwise empty wall corner a pleasant experience. Floating shelves look elegant anywhere, but a floating corner shelf is really eye catching when they are mounted in the corner of a room. Apart from displaying items on it, corner floating shelf itself could be used as an eye catching display and decoration unit. A single corner floating shelf with a flower vase can fill up the corner and make it look extraordinary. While a single corner shelf is nice, multiple corner shelves can even further enhance the effect. Another advantage of floating shelve is you can mount it out of reach of your little ones.

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