20+ Inspiring Laundry Room Design With French Country Style

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Country French paint colors combine elegance with rustic charm. This works great for families because you can still have nice items that are durable for kids. The key to this style is to use worn woods, and natural stone paired with brighter paint colors. This style can work anywhere in the house such as a kitchen, garden, or even a bedroom. Use paint when decorating to save money and create your own unique design style. This keeps your room from looking like a theme restaurant.

Rustic colors are worn and can be used throughout a Country French room. Use worn woods that look aged. Paint a kitchen island with layers of paint. This will stand out against standard cabinets without overwhelming the space. Paint treatments can make your new condo look like it’s an older manor. Layer colors of paint that are close in tone for a stucco wall appearance.

French Country style uses cheerful colors. This makes it perfect for a kitchen or laundry room. Adding fun colors to a room will make doing chores that much easier. Bright blue and yellow are traditional Country French colors. If these colors seem too country or bright to use on the walls, keep the walls a neutral white or beige. Country houses often feature wood beams and plaster walls. Bring in a pottery vase filled with fresh sunflowers to get your theme across easily. Avoid cheap accessories with roosters or sunflowers on them. This may make your home feel less elegant. Instead think of how a home in the French countryside would actually look. It would be filled with antique silverware, furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, crisp white linens, and handmade pottery.

Elegant colors can work in a French Country room. Worn blues and aged gray create a restful bedroom. Accent with Queen Anne style furniture and a bed canopy made in a toile fabric. Add a country air by making the inside of the canopy out of a checked fabric for contrast and a little bit of country charm.