20+ Fancy Gold Color Interior Design Ideas For Your Home Style To Copy

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If you have been living in your home for years and have decided that it is time for an interior design update, planning a custom home or have just moved into a new builder home, you might have decided that personalizing the space with new paint colors is in order. Paint can be difficult to select and there are some things to consider before you begin to implement your new interior design.

Your home may be full of outdated color schemes which date its appearance. Many times an outdated look can be a combination of two things, furniture styles and paint colors. If you have classical pieces of furniture including antiques, your updating task my just require new paint, arrangement and the addition of some contemporary accessories. If you have purchased new furniture in the past, updating your home might require more. As the decades pass, furniture design takes on a unique character in color and style that places it in the decade in which it was manufactured. There are exceptions including timeless modern design, but usually these pieces are very expensive and thought of as collector’s pieces.

For the masses who purchase furniture in a retail store, you might want to assess each piece when it comes time freshen the appearance of your home. It is important to make this assessment at the same time you are choosing new paint colors so the transformation will be complete. Today, we are seeing a trend continue that began in the 1990’s, oversized furniture. While you are safe in your selections now, there will come a time when furniture trends head another direction and these current pieces will be outdated as well. If you have furniture that is very different from the larger, contemporary pieces of today, then you might want to think about a adding a current piece or two to your existing collection. That in conjunction with a new paint scheme will refresh the appearance of your existing home or make your new home a current expression of your style.

After you have made decisions about your furniture, you can focus on a new paint scheme. Selecting paint colors is a very personal process. A visit to your local paint store to explore the possibilities is an excellent way to begin. If there is a piece of art in your home that you are attracted to, a fabric or even a clipping from a magazine, take it with you to see what colors would compliment or help you achieve your desired look. The myriad of color chips that are available may be intimidating. Begin with a neutral then branch out to the colors that you would like to compliment it. It is always a safe bet to add two additional colors to your neutral. Too many colors and your new design may lose focus and become visually conflicting as a final product.