Lovely Mediterranean Home Decor To Create Your Dream Sanctuary 08
Lovely Mediterranean Home Decor To Create Your Dream Sanctuary 08

20+ Lovely Mediterranean Home Decor To Create Your Dream Sanctuary

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If you are thinking of changing the style of your lounge in your home, then why not use a Mediterranean look. Mediterranean homes give a warm and inviting feel to them. Here are a few ideas that will help to give your living room some style.

Invest in some unique plants. Some plants can give a healthy environment to a room, such as, the Bamboo Palm tree. This is a tall tree that is toxic free. Toxic free plants will absorb large amounts of particles from the air and will leave a room fresh and clean. Flowery plants will enhance a room with color giving it a happier and brighter environment. Fill some of your green plants into terracotta pots and spread them around, filling the empty spaces in the room. Place a large flowery plant on a floral area rug, preferably a round rug. Place a bamboo palm plant on an area rug, as this will look great.

Some people have terracotta or wood floors and use area rugs, instead of having carpet. A large patterned rug in the middle of a lounge with a coffee table on it gives a cosy effect to any room. Also, use smaller area rugs to enhance the empty spaces. Use terracotta pots and pottery vases to decorate the room and use area rugs with them. Place one on a small circular are rug to give a Mediterranean feel to the room. If you bought pottery pots from either Cyprus or Greece, then use them to enhance the room with your area rug.

Decorate the room with wrought iron, candelabras and white statue ornaments. Spread them around the room. Candle sticks on a window seal is a good idea with an area rug beneath it.

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