Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas With Marble Backsplash Tiles 27
Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas With Marble Backsplash Tiles 27

30+ Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas with Marble Backsplash Tiles

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Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen walls but are not sure of what to do? Painting it with a different shade seems like it won’t do the antique look that you are looking for? Well, if you have a little more money to spare and a little more time to devote, why don’t you try doing a tumbled marble backsplash on your walls instead?

A backsplash is normally made using ceramic tile, and is usually either rectangular or diagonal. Although these are the two most common shapes, this marble is pretty much flexible to cutting and shaping, and as long as you know how, you will be able to turn it into any shape you want. As for the color, tumbled marble seems to be quite limited to, as the name implies, marble colors. Some have hints of beige, some gray, some yellow.

A marble backsplash such as this is generally cheaper than its alternatives, such as stainless steel and glass tiles. On top of that, it is pretty easy to install even for first timers. One great thing about tumbled marble is that it really complements most of the accessories and furniture that you have in the kitchen. It works well with granite countertops and wooden cupboards.

This marble comes in either unfinished or glossy tones. However, there seems to be quite an issue when it comes to cleaning up tumbled marble. Because it is generally porous, it tends to absorb water especially if you do not wipe it right away. Also, cleaning up needs a bit more effort compared to other alternatives.

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