Clever DIY Minimalist Wreaths Guaranteed To Dress Up Your Home 31
Clever DIY Minimalist Wreaths Guaranteed To Dress Up Your Home 31

20+ Clever DIY Minimalist Wreaths Guaranteed to Dress up Your Home

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Is your style colorful and abundant, or monochromatic and minimalist? Do you like decorating the entire house, or just a few rooms? Some people focus on their more formal areas. Or, if you’re like me, perhaps you enjoy placing Christmas accents in every room, including guest rooms and bathrooms.

There’s no right or wrong. Holiday decorations are intensely personal and represent a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity.

The first thing to decide is the feel you would like to evoke. Are you looking for traditional and formal, or maybe playful with unexpected colors and materials?

Traditionally, the most popular hues for holiday decorating are red, green and white. Accent colors include gold and silver, but why not try something different this year? Single-color decorations are beautiful and stylish. Decorate your tree with all gold ornaments or shimmering white lights – you’ll be surprised at the effect. Non-traditional colors are a great idea too. Over the years, many of my clients have come to me at holiday time and asked for help getting beyond the obvious. Some would like their decorations to match the general color scheme of their house. There is nothing more beautiful than lush, surprising colors. Why not start with your favorites? Blue and beige is your thing? This year, consider sewing the family’s holiday stockings out of the same fabric as your favorite throw or pillow – and then look for ornaments to complement that sophisticated color scheme. Brown and burnt orange are your favorites? Go for the same colors on your tree and wreath using real and faux fruits and flowers.

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