20+ Enjoyable Outdoor Playhouses Ideas To Live Childhood Adventures

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A playhouse is every little kid’s dream toy. It not only offers kids lots of fun but also a toy that stimulates the imagination. Some playhouses also combine pretend play with physical activities that involve climbing, crawling and sliding. Hence, for many parents, an outdoor playhouse is a preferred backyard toy.

However, a playhouse can be quite expensive. Most cost a few hundred dollars with luxurious ones being priced at well above a thousand dollars. Therefore, buying a playhouse requires some serious thinking and research. Listed below are some factors that you should consider before placing an order for an outdoor playhouse.

Basically, you have a choice between wooden and plastic playhouses. Generally, plastic ones are less expensive although you can also get wooden playhouses at about the same price range. But such wooden playhouses will require additional weather-proofing before assembly as well as periodic maintenance to ensure that it lasts. This means, if you want to settle for a wooden playhouse, there is more work involved compared to a plastic one. Of course, a wooden playhouse may give you a more natural look and those in the higher end of the market can end up looking like a real home. But for playhouses that are in the more affordable price range, plastic models generally have easier assembly and maintenance.

Before you buy an outdoor playhouse, you will need to take into consideration the size of your backyard. If you have a small space, then you might need to settle for a smaller playhouse so that there is still space left for other things. Furthermore, if you are thinking of getting other outdoor toys for your kids, you will also need to reserve some space for those.