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20+ The Best 4th Of July Party Decoration And Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some creative 4th of July party ideas, you’ve first got to keep this in mind: your party should reflect your personality and what this national holiday means to you! If, for example, this is the time of year you celebrate family, then a reunion might be right up your alley. Use a map of the states and a corkboard to let family members put pins where they live and star stickers where they have visited.

If, on the other hand, the focus for you is on the men and women who have served America to secure its freedom, then perhaps your red, white and blue decorations should include a little yellow in memory of those who are still working for our rights. Use pictures of current and past soldiers close to your family in small frames as centerpieces on your tables.

Think about what American Independence Day means to you, adapt those ideas to your theme, and get creative!

Independence day is a great opportunity to give your gatherings more meaning! Your party can collect items wanted by soldiers overseas and make a box in celebration of all that you have. The local military posts often have lists of supplies that soldiers can receive overseas. This is a day of celebration and naming the things you are grateful to have can be fun if you send those thoughts skyward with a shout as each firework explodes. Kids particularly like getting in the action.

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