Affordable Apartment Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget 50
Affordable Apartment Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget 50

30+ Affordable Apartment Wall Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Apartments dwellers are often surprised to find out that the lease they have signed strictly prohibits the use of paint of nails on the apartment walls, which presents a huge barrier to decorating their apartments to suit their personal style and tastes. After all, most people sign a year’s lease when they rent an apartment. You can still manage to impart your own unique style in an apartment that doesn’t allow the use of paint or nails – you simply need to be a bit more creative.

There are some great products out there that are made specifically for hanging pictures and wall art without creating a nail hole, like adhesive hooks or putty. With adhesive hooks, you simply peel off the back of the hook and secure it firmly to the wall to hang the object. Putties are usually kneaded into a specific shape and then applied to the back of the object, and then you press the object firmly against the wall for thirty seconds or so, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, until it forms a tight hold.

Many people who live in apartments choose to cover the walls in fabric, which can be tacked up as long as tacks are allowed. You can purchase large pieces of fabric from any craft store, in various designs and colors. Choose lightweight fabric so that tacks can hold it to the wall easily. To apply the fabric to your walls, place tacks along the fabric’s upper edge along the top of your wall. Fabric is sold in square yards, so measure your wall before heading out to purchase your fabric. You can do either a section of the wall or the entire wall.

You can make a striped wall using decorative paper tape that is sold in many craft supply stores and art supply stores. This type of tape will stick firmly to the wall and then just peel away when you’re tired of it or when you move. Experiment with various widths and colors to give your plain apartment walls a decorative punch.

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