40 Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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40 Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas Decoholic

40 Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Moroccan themed bedroom decor has gained popularity in recent years due to its exotic and vibrant appeal. If you are looking to transform your bedroom into a Moroccan oasis, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with 40 Moroccan themed bedroom decorating ideas that will help you create a relaxing and stylish space.

1. Color Palette

When it comes to Moroccan themed decor, vibrant colors play a crucial role. Opt for rich jewel tones such as deep blues, emerald greens, and vibrant purples to create an authentic Moroccan atmosphere in your bedroom.

2. Moroccan Tiles

Add a touch of Moroccan flair to your bedroom by incorporating Moroccan tiles. Use them as a statement wall behind your bed or as accents on furniture and accessories.

3. Moroccan Textiles

Moroccan textiles such as rugs, curtains, and throw pillows can instantly add warmth and coziness to your bedroom. Look for intricately patterned rugs and pillows in vibrant colors to create a Moroccan-inspired look.

4. Canopy Bed

For an authentic Moroccan feel, opt for a canopy bed with flowing curtains. This will add a touch of luxury and create a cozy and intimate space in your bedroom.

5. Moroccan Lanterns

Lighting is an essential element in Moroccan themed decor. Hang Moroccan lanterns from the ceiling or place them on bedside tables to create a warm and inviting ambiance in your bedroom.

6. Carved Wood Furniture

Incorporate carved wood furniture pieces into your bedroom to add a touch of Moroccan craftsmanship. Look for intricately carved headboards, dressers, and nightstands to create a stunning focal point.

7. Moroccan-Inspired Artwork

Hang Moroccan-inspired artwork on the walls to enhance the Moroccan theme in your bedroom. Look for paintings or prints featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

8. Floor Seating

Add floor seating to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in your Moroccan themed bedroom. Use colorful floor cushions and poufs to create a comfortable seating area.

9. Moroccan Archways

If possible, incorporate Moroccan archways into your bedroom design. These architectural elements will add an authentic Moroccan touch and give your room a unique and exotic feel.


With these 40 Moroccan themed bedroom decorating ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious and exotic oasis. From vibrant colors to intricate patterns, Moroccan decor offers a unique and stylish way to decorate your space. Embrace the beauty of Moroccan design and create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.