Are Mirrored Walls Out Of Style?

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Are Mirrored Walls Out Of Style? Kwici

When it comes to home design, trends come and go. What was once popular may now be considered outdated. One design element that has been a topic of debate is mirrored walls. These walls were once a staple in homes, adding a touch of glamour and creating the illusion of space. But are mirrored walls still in style in 2023? Let’s find out!

Why were mirrored walls popular?

Before we delve into the current status of mirrored walls, it’s important to understand why they were popular in the first place. Mirrored walls became popular in the mid-20th century as a way to create an illusion of space in smaller rooms. They were also seen as a luxurious design element, adding an elegant touch to any space.

Current trends in home design

In recent years, home design trends have shifted towards a more minimalist and natural aesthetic. People are now opting for open floor plans, natural materials, and a cleaner, less cluttered look. This shift in design preferences has led to a decline in the popularity of mirrored walls.

Are mirrored walls still in style?

While mirrored walls may not be as popular as they once were, they can still be incorporated into modern home design. The key is to use them strategically and in moderation. Rather than covering an entire wall with mirrors, consider using them as accent pieces or in smaller areas such as the backsplash in a kitchen or the doors of a closet.

Alternatives to mirrored walls

If you’re looking for alternatives to mirrored walls, there are plenty of options to choose from. One popular alternative is the use of large windows to create a sense of openness and bring in natural light. Another option is to use reflective surfaces such as metallic finishes or glossy paint to add a touch of shine to a space.

Pros and cons of mirrored walls


• Creates the illusion of space

• Adds a touch of glamour

• Reflects light, making a space appear brighter


• Can be difficult to clean and maintain

• May be considered outdated by some

• Can make a space feel too busy or cluttered if used excessively

Final verdict

So, are mirrored walls out of style in 2023? The answer is that it depends on how they are used. While covering an entire wall with mirrors may be considered outdated, incorporating mirrors strategically and in moderation can still add a touch of elegance and create the illusion of space in a modern home. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what fits your personal style and preferences.