26 Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas

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26 Awesome Green Bedroom Ideas Decoholic


Are you looking for a fresh and vibrant look for your bedroom? Look no further than the color green. Green is a versatile and calming color that can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. In this article, we will explore 26 awesome green bedroom ideas that will inspire you to transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary. From light shades of mint to deep emerald hues, there is a green shade for every style and preference. Let’s dive in and discover the beauty of green bedrooms!

1. Choosing the Right Shade

When it comes to green bedrooms, the first step is to choose the right shade of green. Consider the overall mood you want to create in your bedroom. Lighter shades like mint and sage green can create a refreshing and airy ambiance, while darker shades like emerald and forest green can add depth and sophistication to your space.

2. Green Walls

If you want to make a bold statement, consider painting your bedroom walls in a vibrant shade of green. Green walls can instantly transform the look and feel of your space, creating a nature-inspired haven. Pair it with neutral furniture and bedding to balance the color and create a harmonious atmosphere.

3. Green Accents

If you prefer a more subtle approach, incorporate green accents into your bedroom decor. Add green throw pillows, curtains, or a cozy green rug to inject a pop of color into your space. These small touches can make a big impact and bring a sense of tranquility to your bedroom.

4. Green Bedding

Another way to introduce green into your bedroom is through bedding. Opt for green sheets, duvet covers, or pillowcases to create a cohesive look. Pair it with neutral or white furniture to create a clean and fresh aesthetic.

5. Plants and Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating plants and greenery into your bedroom. Not only do plants add a touch of green, but they also improve air quality and create a calming ambiance. Choose low-maintenance plants like snake plants or pothos for a hassle-free green bedroom.

6. Green Furniture

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider investing in green furniture pieces. A green upholstered headboard or a green accent chair can instantly elevate the look of your bedroom and create a focal point. Remember to balance the green furniture with neutral or complementary colors to maintain a cohesive look.

7. Natural Materials

Embrace the natural look by incorporating green bedroom furniture made from sustainable materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood. These materials not only add a touch of green but also contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable bedroom design.

8. Green and White Combination

For a classic and timeless look, pair green with white. The combination of green and white creates a fresh and clean aesthetic, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere. Use white as the dominant color and add green accents through accessories and textiles.

9. Green and Blue Harmony

If you want to create a calming and soothing bedroom, consider combining green with blue. Green and blue are both cool and tranquil colors that work harmoniously together. Opt for shades like seafoam green and sky blue to create a serene and beachy vibe.


Green bedrooms are not only visually appealing but also promote a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Whether you choose to paint your walls green, incorporate green accents, or introduce green furniture, there are endless possibilities to create your dream green bedroom. Experiment with different shades and combinations to find the perfect green for your space. With these 26 awesome green bedroom ideas, you’ll be on your way to creating a peaceful sanctuary in no time!

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