16 Old Doors Used As Dramatic Headboards

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16 Old Doors Used As Dramatic Headboard Decoholic

Transform Your Bedroom with Old Doors

Are you looking to add a touch of drama and history to your bedroom? Look no further than using old doors as headboards. Not only do they add a unique and rustic charm, but they also serve as a conversation starter. In this article, we will explore 16 different ways to repurpose old doors into stunning headboards.

1. Vintage Elegance

If you love the vintage look, consider using a weathered wooden door with intricate carvings as your headboard. The worn-out paint and distressed texture will add a sense of elegance to your bedroom.

2. French Flair

For a touch of French flair, opt for a pair of antique French doors. The ornate details and arched tops will instantly transport you to a charming Parisian boudoir.

3. Shabby Chic

If you prefer a more relaxed and casual vibe, choose a set of shabby chic doors. The peeling paint and chipped edges will add a rustic charm to your bedroom, creating the perfect cozy retreat.

4. Colorful Accents

Add a pop of color to your bedroom by using brightly painted doors as headboards. Opt for vibrant hues like turquoise, coral, or mustard yellow to create a playful and energetic atmosphere.

5. Barn Door Beauty

Embrace the farmhouse style by repurposing old barn doors as headboards. The weathered wood and rustic hardware will add a touch of country charm to your bedroom.

6. Industrial Edge

For a more industrial and modern look, choose a set of metal doors as your headboard. The sleek design and metallic finish will create a bold statement in your bedroom.

7. Eclectic Mix

If you love a mix-and-match aesthetic, gather a collection of different doors and arrange them in an eclectic pattern. This unique approach will add personality and character to your bedroom.

8. Salvaged Serenity

Give new life to salvaged doors by transforming them into serene headboards. The worn-out texture and natural patina will create a sense of calm and tranquility in your bedroom.

9. Repurposed Windows

Think outside the box and use old windows as headboards. The glass panes and vintage frames will add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your bedroom.

By repurposing old doors as headboards, you not only add a unique and dramatic focal point to your bedroom but also contribute to sustainability by giving these doors a second life. So, unleash your creativity and transform your bedroom into a haven of history and charm!