20 Vintage Bedrooms Inspiring Ideas

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20 Vintage Bedrooms Inspiring Ideas Decoholic

20 Vintage Bedrooms Inspiring Ideas


When it comes to bedroom decor, vintage style has always been a popular choice. The charm and elegance of vintage bedrooms can transform any ordinary space into a cozy and nostalgic retreat. Whether you’re a fan of shabby chic, Victorian, or mid-century modern, there are endless possibilities to create a vintage-inspired bedroom that suits your taste and personality. In this article, we will explore 20 inspiring ideas for vintage bedrooms that will transport you back in time.

1. Vintage Wallpaper

Add a touch of nostalgia to your bedroom with vintage-inspired wallpaper. Opt for floral patterns, damask prints, or retro geometric designs to create a statement wall that sets the tone for the entire room. Vintage wallpaper adds character and warmth to any space.

2. Antique Furniture

Incorporate antique pieces of furniture into your bedroom design. Look for vintage dressers, nightstands, and bed frames to create a truly authentic vintage look. Refurbish these pieces with a fresh coat of paint or leave them in their original distressed state for added charm.

3. Vintage Lighting

Choose vintage-inspired lighting fixtures to add a romantic and nostalgic ambiance to your bedroom. Vintage chandeliers, bedside lamps, and wall sconces can create a soft and warm glow that enhances the vintage aesthetic.

4. Floral Bedding

Opt for floral bedding in soft pastel shades to create a vintage-inspired bedroom. Floral patterns were a popular choice in vintage bedrooms, and they continue to evoke a sense of charm and elegance. Pair the bedding with lace accents and ruffled pillows for an extra touch of vintage romance.

5. Vintage Accessories

Accessorize your vintage bedroom with antique mirrors, vintage photo frames, and delicate trinkets. These small touches can make a big impact and add a sense of nostalgia to your space. Look for vintage-inspired alarm clocks, candle holders, and decorative boxes to complete the look.

6. Vintage Textiles

Introduce vintage textiles into your bedroom decor. Look for lace curtains, embroidered pillowcases, and crochet blankets to add texture and warmth. These delicate fabrics will instantly transport you to a bygone era.

7. Vintage Artwork

Hang vintage-inspired artwork on your bedroom walls to create a focal point. Look for vintage posters, botanical prints, or black and white photographs to add a touch of nostalgia. You can also frame vintage postcards or family heirlooms for a personal touch.

8. Repurposed Vintage Items

Get creative and repurpose vintage items to add a unique touch to your bedroom. Turn an old suitcase into a bedside table, use vintage crates for storage, or repurpose an antique ladder as a decorative element. The possibilities are endless!

9. Vintage Color Palette

Choose a vintage color palette for your bedroom. Opt for soft and muted colors such as pastel blues, blush pinks, and creamy whites. These colors create a calming and serene atmosphere that is reminiscent of vintage aesthetics.


Creating a vintage-inspired bedroom is a wonderful way to add character and charm to your space. By incorporating vintage elements such as wallpaper, antique furniture, and vintage accessories, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy and nostalgic retreat. Experiment with different ideas and let your imagination run wild to create a vintage bedroom that reflects your personal style and transports you back in time.

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