Interior Design

20+ Best Ideas To Bring A Pop Of Bright Color Into Your Interior Design

One of the most crucial choices you will make when it comes to home decor is the colors you use for both the interior and exterior of your house. You want your home to be just the “right” colors, colors which are ideal for your lifestyle and family. There are thousands of colors for you to select from out there and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to make the final decision. Every design expert will have a different opinion about the best color choice for the exterior or interior of your home. So what are the best color choices for you? Keep reading for some advice from our own color scheme expert.

Your choice of colours doesn’t have to be limited to just neutrals: bright colors are very popular too. Once upon a time rooms would be painted cream, beige or another soft color. Today you can have a fiery cinnamon colored room or even a deep purple eggplant colored room. There are almost unlimited choices. Look for colors that have a warmth which draws you in and reflects the light. You will feel the light throughout the room.

Choose colors that feel comfortable. When it comes time to paint the exterior or interior of your home, you want to choose the colors that you are the most comfortable with. Remember when you were younger, we all had favourite colors which we used whenever possible, in artwork or even for the color of our bedrooms? Now that we are older, we still have our favorite colors and using these is a great way to express ourselves. Your home should feel comfortable, like a pair of shoes you love to slip on that look and feel amazing. Pick colors that make you smile a mile wide.

Choosing colors is emotional, you may not know it, but there is actually something called color therapy. As human beings we react to colors in an emotional way. People in orange and red toned rooms are said to eat more than in other colored rooms. Often a blue toned room will make people feel calm. These reactions are usually intuitive and instinctual. You may not know why you react to a certain paint color, you just do. You either love a certain color for the interior or exterior of your home or you really don’t. Trust your gut feeling and remind yourself that we often have highly emotional reactions to colors, even if we don’t totally understand them.