Fantastic DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home 43
Fantastic DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home 43

30+ Fantastic DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

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Did you know that coffee packs a punch not just as a beverage but as a beauty treatment as well? It’s been touted as an excellent body scrub, moisturizer, wrinkle corrector, sunblock, and a salve for many other skin problems!

These past several years, there have been hundreds of products released in the market that contain caffeine to work to heal and restore complexion. Coffee is naturally full of antioxidants which can heal and restore – no wonder it is now widely used in beauty products. Indeed, it has been proven to be very versatile and is even recognized by some of the world’s leading spas today – they’ve began using coffee beans in their beauty and purifying treatments!

Without spending so much, you can enjoy the benefits of coffee for your skin and body. You can rub a few roasted beans in your palm and let the woody and warm scent comfort you. You can also try a cup of ground coffee beans (preferably Kona or Javanese) mixed with some olive oil and use this as a body scrub. This helps stimulate circulation and exfoliate the skin. Or, you can make your own coffee and bath soap!

We found this very simple coffee soap recipe. Why not try this over the weekend? Gives a whole new meaning to coffee in the morning, doesn’t it?

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