Affordable Towel Ideas For Best Bathroom Inspiration 39
Affordable Towel Ideas For Best Bathroom Inspiration 39

20+ Affordable Towel Ideas For Best Bathroom Inspiration

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There is nothing quite worse than stepping out of your bath of shower into a freezing cold bathroom or onto a chilly tiled floor. The best way to combat this is to have installed a heated towel rail or towel radiator. Most people assume that this is a major overhaul in your bathroom but the reality of it is that this could be a lot easier than you think (and importantly cost a lot less).

The other option you do have is under floor heating which although can be comforting can also be very expensive and would also require a lot of work to be done in your bathroom – just imagine having to rip up all the floor tiles or linoleum and you get an idea of the mess that could be created if you went down this route.

A bathroom radiator will also create a nice convection current which will circulate the heat around your bathroom for all over warmth. This can work out much more energy efficient thus saving you more money over time.

Heated towel rails can be heated either by central heating water (just like a regular central heating radiator in your home) or by electricity. This is done by the installation of a heating element into the radiator. There is a third option too which is a dual fuel radiator, giving the best of both worlds and the best flexibility in your home.

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