A Perfect Collection Of Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Home 40

30+ A Perfect Collection Of Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Home

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The best part of summer is to be able to enjoy the water. Whether it be the pool, the lake, at the campground, or with your home outdoor shower you will want to make some preparations.

The most basic question is do you want the shower to be portable or stationary? Portable showers are great for camping, the pool, and even the landscape. They are much less expensive and are often made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is weather resistant, light, and durable. That’s why it is used for outdoor water systems (i.e. sprinklers, sewers, and culinary and secondary water) and lasts for years. Schedule 40 is a strong grade of PVC that most people use. You will not want to buy a lower grade such as schedule 110. If you want ultimate in strength, go for schedule 80. Schedule 80 is gray, instead of white, and extremely sturdy.

The size of the pipe also matters. The larger the pipe diameter the stronger the pipe will be. The other great advantage of larger pipes is that they have more water pressure and that means you will get a better shower. Most indoor showers use a half inch pipe. For outdoor showers, it is a good idea to use one inch or three quarter inch pipe. According to Nathan Hale, master plumber at Plumbers Plus, PVC is the ideal choice for outdoor environments due to its low cost, high strength, and durability.

A common stationary outdoor shower is cemented right into the pool deck. Stationary showers will often cost a lot more money due to increased installation cost and using metal materials. You can spend thousands on one of these showers. What you are mostly paying for is a nice looking exterior to hide the pipe. For example, some outdoor showers have a stainless steel exterior surrounding the piping. A lot of people don’t think a pipe looks bad and can build the stationary shower for a much more reasonable price.

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