30+ Pretty House Plants Ideas For Living Room Decoration

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One easy and fun way to interior design your home is by caring for houseplants. Never think that interior designing a home is restricted to painting, changing your fixtures and fittings, or buying more furniture. Plants, whether big or small, tropical or from temperate climates, can add charisma to an otherwise dull and boring area of the house.

Houseplants are great for decorating ideas as they can be placed anywhere in your home – whether the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. The needs of houseplants are quite basic – light, water and nutrition (good soil and fertilizer composition).

You can purchase houseplants at your local plant supplies, plant nurseries or just collect small plants you have in your own garden. Before buying any plants, do research on the plants you’d like to have in your home and study the layout of your rooms to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate a new plant or plants.

Plants that are suitable in your home include daffodils, hyacinth, orchids, ferns, begonias, bonsais and other indoor plants that do not require much direct sunlight and can thrive well in an enclosed environment. Descriptions of plants suitable for the home can be found on labels on the plant pots that are sold. If you are uncertain, do ask the plant supplier.