20+ Adorable Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas For You

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When it comes to a teenage boy bedroom makeover it’s important to consider the kind of bedroom decor which appeals to you most. Give some thought to not only paint colors, wall treatments, wall art and bedding but things like furniture and shelving as well.

Any teenage boy bedroom makeover should be a reflection of you and your unique personality.

Consider painting one wall an intense red or orange, or a deep blue or green and then use a toned downed shade of the same or contrasting color to paint the remaining walls. Wood stained or painted furniture in a dark shade can then be incorporated along with white or off white trim to lighten things up.

When it comes to a theme for teenage boy bedroom consider reusable wall murals. Wall murals come in a variety of themes like team sports, surfing and snowboarding. Any wall mural art you select should be able to stand the test of time, that way you won’t find yourself having to redo your room within a year or two.