30+ Best Valentines Day Mantel Decor Ideas That You Will Falling In Love With

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Having a fireplace offers warmth and a feeling of coziness is any room. Don’t neglect that fireplace mantel; it is an ideal opportunity to express your family’s personality and taste. A fireplace in the living room is easily the focal point of the room, and all eyes go to this place immediately. Here are a few ways to decorate – without complicated or “fussy” materials – to get a stylish result that is perfect for your family.

Add photos. The best way to add photos to the mantel is to choose several favorites and to put them in complimenting frames. They can be set next to each other, or on opposing sides of the mantel. Another option is for one large family photo above the fireplace mantel.

An anniversary clock. This is one of the most classic timepieces you’ll find on top of many fireplaces. Whether in gold or silver, this clock is always stylish and elegant. If the anniversary clock does not suit your decor, consider another clock made from metal, wood or other natural materials.

Vacation souvenirs. There are so many fun things you can do with vacation souvenirs. Whether it is seashells, knick-knacks or art created by regional artisans, adding something from your favorite vacation is an easy conversation starter. Everyone will admire this and will compliment it. You can talk about vacations and trips you would like to take.